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What Is Montana’s “Open Range” Law?

You are enjoying a quiet breakfast and look out the window to find someone else’s cattle munching on your prized flowers. You can sue the owner of the cattle, right? It depends. Montana has “open range” laws that provide in most parts of the state a property owner...

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What Is Mediation and Arbitration?

Let’s face it: going to court is far too expensive, time consuming, and adversarial. That has led to a revolution in the legal system: The increasing use of mediation and arbitration, which is a way to decide disputes without going to court. And it’s very popular....

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Can Excessive Construction Liens Be Defeated?

Is it just me, or has there been an explosion of construction liens for excessive amounts? Most construction companies are honest, but a few aren’t. Apparently, the white-hot construction market here has led a few construction companies to file construction liens...

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