The following laws have not been verified as actually existing. But that almost makes them more fun because you can wonder, “Is this for real?” A web site says they’re real so that makes it legitimate, right?

It is illegal for a horse to enter a bar in Montana. It makes sense; a horse in a bad mood can be pretty destructive. A horse in a bar seems like a great scene for the TV show Yellowstone – but then the rest of America would think horses in Montana bars are actually a daily occurrence.

It is also illegal to hunt from an airplane. This, too, makes sense – for now. But if wild boars ever get to Montana (as they are rumored to be doing) then hunting them from aerial platforms (airplanes or helicopters) will need to happen. That’s the best way to control a wild boar population.

This one is too weird to be true: It’s supposedly illegal to fish with a lasso. I bet it’s hard to wrangle a fish that’s underwater with a lasso that would seem to stop its motion once it hits the water. (Could this be another setting for an episode of Yellowstone?) This is why I don’t claim any of these alleged laws are actually laws. But it’s interesting to wonder about.

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