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Are Oral Contracts Valid in Montana?

You sometimes hear people say, “That’s just an oral contract. It doesn’t count.” This is incorrect. Most oral contracts do, indeed, count. But their terms are usually hard to prove. Montana law provides, “All contracts may be oral except such as specifically by...

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What Baby Names Are “Illegal” in Montana?

Many people are shocked to learn that it’s actually illegal to name babies certain names. A recent article on KLYQ.com described the law of naming babies in the U.S. in general and Montana in particular. It turns out Montana has almost no restrictions on babies’...

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How Is Property Divided in a Montana Divorce?

In Montana, the property a spouse owns is his or hers; it is not the joint property of the marital community like in community property states such as California. This means that in Montana the property a spouse brings to the marriage is his or hers and he or she can...

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